Glenn + Carl reminding Rick that they’re still human enough to help others.


Hello, dear followers!

It is with great excitement that I finally reveal… WRITERS UNITE! A book by writers, and for writers. Made with the help of over 200 Tumblr Writers, compiled by yours truly, and with a cover by the fantastic Plaguesworth!

Best of all, though, this book is available for FREE!!!

What exactly is this eBook about? Well, here’s the gist of it:

WRITERS UNITE! is a book of writing advice, inspiration, and tips. Over 200 Tumblr authors answered the question:

"What is the one piece of advice you wish you would’ve known when you first got started writing?"

This FREE eBook is a compilation of their writing advice, and their stories. You can have access to this nexus — this fountain of knowledge — at no cost whatsoever. Take it, learn, and drink with us!

When writers unite, great things happen~ ♥︎




Gogo Tomago

This is a marketing pose I did of Gogo Tomago from Big Hero 6 that was nearly a bit too scandalous. All for the love of the fans!

can you do the same pose with the dude characters please, all the dudes esp the lil boy

Like…why. She could be in any other kind of pose, and u chose that one “for the love of the fans”. Lmao ok. More like the creepy love of yourself. If it’s “almost too scandalous” for a kids movie, then why do it? Like???? But nah, I see how your fans (i.e the 12yr old boy demographic) would continuously and excitedly request for something like this…


and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga


sorry mom im on chore limit ask me again at midnight


Koma, 21 years old, is as fine as can be:)



When straight guys eat a banana 

im super hard on myself and i wish i wasnt uuh b hhhhhggghhhhuuuhh

its super counterproductive to goals


everything is alright!

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